Demonstrating my marbles projects at marble shows in (hopefully) 8 cities.

Profits from fee-based events and book sales will help fund this tour.

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After the Sandy Hook tragedy, author Rich Maxwell, a marbles player, became committed to scheduling  Marbles Activities Workshops, at local Johnson County Kansas Libraries, to raise awareness about the age-old past-time of playing marbles,

Maxwell has shown thousands of children and families how to knock marbles out of a ring with a shooter marble, at book signings and festivals. He also built several marbles boards, which he takes to retirement centers for senior residents to re-connect with the age-old marbles games.

Maxwell explains, Everyone asks me, “How do you play marbles?” So, with a  master’s degree is in early childhood education, and nine years in elementary and Head Start classrooms I began preparing “lesson plans” for teachers, counselors, scout leaders, children’s ministers – anyone who wants to learn the character development dynamics of playing marbles."

In 2015 Maxwell began designing a marble contraption that carries marbles down a track made from ice-maker water line tubing, with wire inside. The take-away ... The DIY Marble Run Kit.

Now, a year latter, after receiving a Blue Ribbon Awards at the 2016 KC Maker Faire and unbelievable acceptance by 100's of kids at after-school events, festivals and three more Maker Faires, Maxwell is on a roll.


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