Linear, Circular and Verticle Motion!

Build A Straightaway Track


Straightaway tracks challenge us to make sure the track rails are running perfectly straight in linear motion. Make sure the rails are level with each other and parallel to each other. 

Build A Track with a U-Turn


In today's lesson we will build a track that carries a marble in circular motion around a U-turn. The tighter the radius of the turn, the higher the bank will nee to be to keep the marble on the track.

A Complete Circle


In this lesson we will build a track that launch a marble in trajectory motion off the end of the track into a container.  The record is 17.5 inches in flight.

Friction Loss


Friction causes object to slow down. The marble encounters "friction lost" when the track is not flat or the track rails are uneven with each other.

Circle Around

The marble stays on the track in circular motion because of the outside track rail is slightly highe

Raising the outside rail provides centripetal force, which is constantly push the marble towards the center of the center of the circle, keeping it on the track. 

A Parabolic Curve


As the marble takes flight in projectile motion, velocity and momentum compete against the downward gravitational force on the marble, causing it go in an arching parabolic 

curve path.


Deluxe Marble Tracks


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This 46 piece DIY marble track kit will get you started. The picture gives you a good idea of how big a track you can build and the 1,000's of variations.


Giant Deluxe Size Marble Track


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